This is a work of fiction based upon the manga/anime characters of Yuu Yuu Hakusho. This story was written for entertainment purposes only and may be freely shared (that means not-for-profit) as long as the disclaimer and the author’s name accompany it and none of the contents are altered.

The Beginning
by Larissa ^..^,
completed: September 10, 1999

Illustrations in the story by Ronda

  • Based on the facts from anime eps 1-25, manga vol 1-4. This story depicts what happened to Kurama and Hiei after Yusuke recovered the three Sacred Objects from them, to the point where they meet up with Yusuke again at the land of the Four Sacred Beasts. 
  • Note: Most fox species associate in company with other members of their species, usually small family groups from 2 to 5 foxes comprising a ‘pack’. {Arctic fox, Desert fox, Fenel fox, etc} Only the common red fox is completely solitary.  

Additionally: There are author notes that relate directly to this particular story following the end.


If you would like to print out a copy and save a bit of paper (the whole thing is over 100pages long), I've created a printable version with 8pt font in three-column layout, which reduces the pages to 44 (double-sided, that's only 22!). It'll help with a few trees... The printout is saved as a pdf version and can be read with Adobe Acrobat's freeware. Warning, though, even this reduced version all in one lump is 779KB -- it might take awhile to download. ~..^

Printable version


NOTE: There are two versions of the story -- a lime (PG) and a lemon (R). There are only four chapters that go into the lemon... but it is there. The lime has basically just cut out the R bits with minimal overwriting. It is your choice which you would prefer to read.

Lemon Version

Lime Version

Prolog: Strings Attached



Chapter One: Inimical Partners



Chapter Two: Alone?



Chapter Three: What to do…



Chapter Four: ‘You can run’ – but fight?



Chapter Five: Technique



Chapter Six: Trust



Chapter Seven: Trust… and the Void



Chapter Eight: A rat crawls in



Chapter Nine: A bath and a mystery

Chapter Ten: Family History

Chapter Eleven: Ground Rules

Chapter Twelve: Adaptations

Chapter Thirteen: A Choice is Made



Chapter Fourteen: Loose Ends



Epilog: After a New Beginning



Story Notes




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