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Dragon at work (image) In general, I write stories to explain to myself things about characters that are never made clear or left vague in a series. However, I usually try to do this within a true book format; that is, having a plotline, elements of style, and character interaction. As a result, a lot of my early stories tended to be rather lengthy. And sometimes unfinished. I keep meaning to finish them... but new interests come up and new ideas to explore. Just prior warning. ;p (I've been doing better about that lately - all the Smallville stuff is actually finished before posted! Old cats CAN learn new tricks. ^^)

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This website is really old, lol.  My fics are now on AO3 under Tallihensia (I was just reminded I haven't uploaded all of them, oops).

Old Stuff on the Web (some of it is in AO3 now, not all)

Alphabet Fics (short doodles in every series, using the alphabet fic method)

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REALLY Old Abandoned Stuff: Island City (movie)    |    Sailor Moon (anime)

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