Opal Nebula

Sharing the love of opals. ^__^ Some of my articles and pictures. Best resource for solid information is really the American Opal Society -- I'm not trying to duplicate information here, but just share what extra I have.

Opal Images

Pictures! General pictures that don't fit in the other categories. Opal is best viewed in person... but sometimes we'll make do with pictures too!

Comparative Opal Views Several largish pictures of opals taken from different angles of the camera, so you can see how the flash and color-play differs even within individual stones.

Icons 100x100 pictures of various opals. Please credit if you use anywhere. If you want to alter, feel free, but please credit as 'base'.

Opal Slices - 100x100 slices of sparkle, shading, and textures from the opals. Really part of textures, but I thought they deserved their own zone.

Icon Textures - Artistic textures and shapes made from altered opal pics.

Wallpaper Backings - Artistic backings for wallpapers made out of the glow and sparkles from opals.

Opal Guidance

These are old articles I did for the Opal Express Newsletter back in 1998 or so. But still valid, so they're still here. ^^ Eventually, I'll clean up the coding on them too. ^^;;;

Opal Evolution A pictorial overview of the cutting of an opal.

Opal Cutting A step-by-step instruction table on shaping an opal using a flatlap and sanding paper.

Sourcing Opals An (old) article for the American Opal Society on how to find opals.

Member of the American Opal Society.

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