Title: A Man for All Seasons:  Winter
Author: Larissa ^..^ alatri@att.net
website: http://alatri.home.att.net/
completed: June 9, 2000
Type: yaoi
Pairing: Yusuke/Kuwabara
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based upon the manga/anime characters of Yu Yu Hakusho. This story was written for entertainment purposes only. They're mine only in my dreams. ;-)

A Man for All Seasons
Match One:  Winter

            "Why do you call him that?" Hiei asked abruptly.

            "Huh?" Yusuke and Kuwabara glanced curiously first at each other and then at the short demon.  "What are you talking about, Hiei?"

            Hiei snorted, "That name.  Why do you call him that?"

            "What name?"  "Who are you talking about?" The questions intermixed, both puzzled and curious as to what Hiei was thinking.

            "’Urameshi’."  Hiei grimaced, "Hn.  What an ugly sounding name."  He looked consideringly at Kuwabara and then deliberately provoked, "It might match your face appropriately, but you shouldn’t call Yusuke something that ugly."

            Taken completely by surprise, the two youths looked again at each other, thinking about the question.  For once, Kuwabara failed to react to a taunt as he reacted instead to the thought.  A pale red color spread over Kuwabara’s cheeks while Yusuke laughed, "Hiei, that is my name!  It’s me.  Urameshi Yusuke."

            Hiei snorted again, "Nobody else calls you that."

            Still grinning, Yusuke fondly regarded the demon with the spiky black hair, "Kuwabara and I go to the same school.  Family names are our identity."

            "You are what you make of yourself," Hiei stated firmly.  "He should call you Yusuke."

            Clearing his throat of the phlegm that had gotten stuck in it, Kuwabara finally spoke, "He hasn’t asked me to."

            "Huh?" This time it was Yusuke who turned in puzzlement to his tall friend.

            For a third time, they heard the soft derisive noise that Hiei used to show his impatience at human ways, "I never asked."

            Diverted again, Yusuke laughed, "Well, that’s true!"  He grinned down at his short friend, happily remembering their first fight and the anger of the demon as Yusuke kept standing up to fight again…  "What did you call me back then?  ‘Human’ was one…  Frankly, Hiei," Yusuke couldn’t resist reaching out to ruffle a hand through the spiky hair.  Hiei growled but permitted the imprudent touch.  Yusuke grinned as he finished, "I think I’m rather honored to have you call me ‘Yusuke’ instead of ‘bastard’ or ‘asshole’ or ‘moron’."

            Hiei allowed a brief turning up of the corners of his mouth, though he shook his head at the human all the same.  "You are the oddest creature…"  Nobody dared to take such liberties with the demon but Yusuke, and the human seemed to be unaware of how strange his actions were.  They stood for a moment looking at each other.


            Jolted out of their accord, the demon and the human turned to their companion.

            Under their combined gaze, Kuwabara’s flush deepened but he held his ground, "You can call me Kazuma… if you want."

            Yusuke blinked.  Kuwabara Kazuma… He had been sparring with Kuwabara for so long he’d almost forgotten that he had another name.  Kazuma…  Thoughtfully, Yusuke reflected on the name.

            "I mean, it’s not like we’re rivals anymore…" Kazuma’s voice was wistful and nervous and he trailed off at the end, his shoulders drooping.  "Never mind," he muttered as he turned away.

            "Hey, hey!" Yusuke blinked himself out of his thoughts, "I was just thinking!  I like it."

            "You do?" Kazuma’s eyes widened.

            Hiei snorted at the repetition of baffledness and he flitted away, shaking his head at the humans.

            With his rich brown eyes sparkling with his open regard and friendship, Yusuke grinned at his companion.  "I like it," he repeated.  "Kazuma.  It’s nicer – more of the name of a softy who will buy mangas for a cat."

            Kuwabara started to react angrily at the insult, but his gaze couldn’t keep the hard glare as he remembered who had truly rescued his favorite cat.  He bit his lip… he never had thanked Yus… Urameshi for it.  Not really.


            Kazuma blinked.  His thoughts had been far away but it only took the sound of the positive voice to bring him back.  Yusuke was grinning again, his smile bright and cheerful.  Kazuma’s heart thumped as he looked at the happy face.

            "You can call me Yusuke.  We’re friends," Yusuke said decisively.  It felt right to him.  He’d never really wondered about it before, but he suddenly realized that Kuwa… Kazuma’s use of his last name had felt oddly wrong for awhile now.  Since…  ‘Urameshi!’  "My funeral."

            Kazuma jumped, his skin crawling as he shuddered.  If there was one thing he really didn’t like to think about…  "Don’t bring that up!"

            Tilting his head to one side, Yusuke studied Kazuma thoughtfully, "I was there, you know."

            "HUH???!!!"  Kazuma started sputtering.

            "At my funeral.  When I was dead.  I was there.  Watching."  Yusuke turned slightly away to look out over the hillside.  Their mission had finished up in a remote glade area that it would take them several hours to hike back from.  Initially, Yusuke had fumed at Koenma’s placement when he could easily have dropped them off a hell of a lot closer to home.  But they’d been talking on the way as they’d walked…  Yusuke now was rather glad they were so far away.  He bit his lip as he remembered the faces at his funeral.  "When I died, Koenma offered the Trial of Resurrection, but I turned him down."

            "What?!" Kazuma paled and his body shook.  "You mean you…" might not have come back?  Kazuma’s stomach was a hollow pit at the mere thought as he remembered…

            Yusuke sighed, "I didn’t think anybody would care."  The brown eyes turned back to meet Kazuma’s and the taller youth was arrested at the sight of the agony within them.

            "I thought… Mom was still young; she’d always yelled at me… I didn’t think…" Yusuke closed his eyes, clenching his fists.  He’d never known how much his mother loved him until he’d seen her like that.  Yusuke’s death… had destroyed his mom.  Resolutely, he continued on, "I knew Keiko would care… but I thought it would be better for her.  Her being friends with me was bad for her reputation at school."

            Kazuma narrowed his eyes, "Like she cares about that!"

            Yusuke grinned, but it was a feeble lifting of the lips compared to his earlier cheerful grins, "I know.  We grew up together.  Keiko is the closest thing to family that I’ve ever had…  I thought… maybe this once, I could be good to her."  Yusuke sighed, remembering.  He’d never been a particularly good person.  He shoplifted, he fought, he skipped class…  Everybody was afraid of him.  Except for Keiko, and she never saw how her friends would avoid them when they were together.  Or, she saw, and she stayed with him still.  "I’m her family too," Yusuke realized suddenly.  Keiko was an only child, and as a kid, a lonely one.  Her parents were always working in the restaurant and in busy hours had no time for a small child.  The two children had banded together out of their mutual need for a family.  And I was just going to leave her?  Damn, that was selfish of me…  Yusuke cleared his throat, "And then Takenaka-sensei… and Masaru…" Yusuke closed his eyes again, remember the small child’s happy voice, ‘when he wakes up, he’ll come and play with me again, won’t he?’ and the mother’s anguished reply, ‘he can’t.  He just… can’t.’  But at the time, Yusuke had been so angry with the world and everything and everybody.  He was sad to see his friends, his few friends, hurt, but… "I hadn’t made up my mind until you came."

            Kazuma gulped, shamed by the memory.  "I didn’t know you were watching, I’m sorry."

            His mouth twitching in amusement, Yusuke brushed that one aside, "Nobody knew I was watching – but what are you sorry for?"

            "I was an asshole!!" Kazuma grimaced, "Bursting in on your funeral like that!  Yelling and causing a scene…  Damn, my friends had to drag me away, I was so upset!"  His face burned in embarrassment.

            "Exactly," Yusuke said softly.

            "Huh?" Arrested by a gentle tone that he’d rarely heard addressed to him, Kazuma looked in wonder at Yusuke’s smiling face.

            "Of all people, of all the people I knew… I hadn’t expected you," Yusuke continued.  "You made the pain real.  I was dead.  People, my friends, you were hurting because I was dead."  Yusuke shook his head.  "It was so… unreal, until then."  Looking up at his tall friend, Yusuke studied the craggy lines in the rugged face, the nose a bit wobbly from where it had been broken many years ago, the soft gentle eyes.  Yusuke remembered those eyes closing in unconsciousness as Kuwabara blacked out after Rando’s beating.  Without thinking about it, Yusuke reached out to touch the side of his face as he’d done then, "That Rando hurt you so badly…  I couldn’t stand it."

            Kazuma’s eyes were wide and he trembled as he fought not to move.  Yusuke’s hand was on his face…  "I failed you."

            Yusuke blinked and took his hand down, "What the hell?  He was a demon!  You couldn’t take on—"

            "Koenma’s dream."

            Yusuke blinked again.

            Blushing red, Kazuma explained, "When you were dead.  After the fire, I had this… odd…" Kazuma’s voice squeaked before he got it back under control, "dream…" He gulped.  "I didn’t think anything of it.  But it had been so… compelling," his voice squeaked again and he blushed harder.  "I ran away.  Then, I ran so far…"

            "Kuwaba—" At the look on his friend’s face Yusuke caught himself, "Kazuma, what the hell are you talking about?"

            Straightening his shoulders, Kazuma explained, "Keiko-chan and I were talking recently, and we were comparing notes."

            "About me?"  A sly grin spread over Yusuke’s face as he preened.

            Kazuma gave him a disgusted look, "About the Spirit World and how they operate.  When you were dead, you appeared in both Keiko-chan and my dreams to help us.  And then, when it was time for you to come back to life…"  Kazuma blushed again.  "I failed you.  I should have gone to help but instead I ran.  If Keiko-chan hadn’t made it back in time…"

            "Kazuma, stop it," Yusuke shook his head.  "It’s done.  I’m here.  That’s enough."  He grinned happily up, "It didn’t happen and I’m still here."  With a laugh he cheerfully concluded, "Heck if you’d had the same dream as Keiko, it’s no wonder you ran!"  Yusuke’s laugh faltered as he saw the flush reappear over the pale face.  Keiko had said she’d had a dream of kissing him…  Yusuke blinked, watching his friend look down to the ground, unable to meet Yusuke’s eyes.  Well, huh.  Who would have guessed?  Certainly not Yusuke.  Kuwabara had always been his rival, and then his partner…  But Yusuke remembered the eyes closing in pain from broken bones throughout the body, the anguish in the rough voice as he fought to speak, the feel of the soft skin where Yusuke had touched, the one place left on Kuwabara’s body where Rando hadn’t beaten him…  My friend, I fought for you.  If Rando hadn’t hurt you so, I might not have won.  Kuwabara was still studying the ground, the red flush starting to fade.  For a moment more, Yusuke allowed the wonder of the revelation to hold him.  Then a ripple went through his body and Yusuke stepped forward, reaching his hands to Kazuma’s shoulders and gripping tightly.  As Kazuma brought his startled gaze up, Yusuke stretched on his toes and pressed his lips closely to Kazuma’s.

            They stood like that for a moment before Kazuma fell heavily to the ground, stunned.  Laughing, Yusuke didn’t even try to catch him, knowing he’d fail miserably.  Instead, he followed Kazuma down and grinned cheerfully at his friend as he knelt there and watched Kazuma’s wide-eyed shock.  "So, was that anything like the dream?"

            "Urameshi…  You, you,… you…" Kazuma sputtered incoherently as he sat up.  He could still feel the warm lips… he raised a hand to his mouth as he stared at Yusuke.

            Watching Kazuma’s hand, Yusuke laughed again.  Reaching out, Yusuke pulled the hand away and replaced it with his lips again, wrapping his arms around Kazuma’s strong body and marveling at the feel of their lips pressed together.  He was starting to feel as faint as Kazuma had been.  With a slight gasp, he pulled back, his own eyes widening as he stared at Kazuma.  He hadn’t thought it out beyond the wonder.  He hadn’t thought.  As usual, he’d just been going on by instinct.  Warm soft lips with the taste of his friend...  Well, instinct hasn’t failed me yet!  "’Yusuke,’" he reminded his friend gently.

            Watching those sparkling brown-hazel eyes, with their simple trust and joy… Kazuma blushed red.  "Yusuke," he agreed, sounding the name out.  But as Yusuke leaned again towards him, Kazuma pulled back, "Uh, what about…" he looked around wildly, finally asking bewilderedly, "Where did Hiei go?"

            Yusuke started laughing, "He bugged out awhile ago."  With fond regard, Yusuke studied the long craggy face that was so familiar to him, with the strong bone structure and the thin scars, many of which Yusuke had been the direct cause of.  Reminded again, Yusuke dropped his gaze to Kazuma’s arms and he reached out and unerringly touched the exact place where the arm had been broken.  Through the sleeve, he held the arm, feeling the powerful muscles there, and also feeling the heat rising from the other boy’s body.  With a soft, contented sigh, Yusuke turned from his kneeling position and settled back so he was leaning against Kazuma’s body.

            There was silence and stillness for a long time before Kazuma chuckled softly, "Damn, Yusuke – you’re fast!"  Carefully, Kazuma put his hand on Yusuke’s shoulder, lightly fingering the cloth of the jacket and daring to think about something besides fighting.  He could smell Yusuke’s scent all around him and he breathed deeply.  Ever since the dream, he’d fought himself, knowing that it wasn’t for him, knowing that he didn’t really feel that way about Yusuke – did he? – that it had only been a dream, and a horrid one at that…  But then Yusuke had nearly died again, his life-energy spent, and Kazuma had known in that moment that there was nothing he wouldn’t do for that person who he loved so.  And then Kurama and Hiei had taken them back to Kazuma’s house, and Yusuke had been sleeping for four long days… in Kazuma’s bed.  After Yusuke had gone back to his own home... Kazuma hadn’t changed the sheets because the smell of Yusuke had lingered on.  And now, Yusuke was here, it wasn’t a dream… and Kazuma couldn’t believe it.  The blush staining his cheeks red, Kazuma sat there stunned, feeling Yusuke against him and not daring to move in case he woke up.

            Ah… Yusuke was enjoying the feel of leaning against the large body behind him.  Kuwabara was so large, so strong.  They had fought on a regular basis, and Yusuke had always won, but of all his opponents, Kuwabara had been the closest match to him.  And then Yusuke had found out that he was spirit-sensitive, honorable, quick to learn, and an utter softy for cats.  And for people.  Yusuke hadn’t planned on going along with Koenma’s request to save the human world.  But once Kuwabara had jumped in, Yusuke had to follow.  Still, he’d never thought about anything like this before.  But once he’d seen the look in Kazuma’s eyes…  Yusuke curved his lips up in happy possession – it was a good idea.  A very good one.  Just thinking about it, Yusuke’s breath shortened and his muscles clenched.  He could feel Kazuma’s hand on his shoulder, but it would be better if that hand was elsewhere…  "Ummm…" Yusuke tilted his head backwards, rubbing against Kazuma’s chest, "It’s really hot out here."  Yusuke reached up and unbuttoned his jacket, letting it flop open as he lay back again, pushing his weight to unbalance Kazuma until in reflex Kazuma placed a hand around Yusuke’s waist.  Ah yes… Yusuke sighed in anticipation… "Lower."

            Kazuma’s eyes widened.  He didn’t just…  Taking a quick look over Yusuke’s shoulder down across the expanse of white-t-shirted chest, Kazuma saw his own hand resting on the muscles of the abdomen, and then his gaze went lower…  "Wow…" he breathed out in amazement.  Yusuke’s hard-on was obvious through his pants!  "Because of me?" he wondered.

            "Hell yes, because of you.  Slowpoke."  Yusuke put his hand over Kazuma’s and guided them down to his pants.  The zipper was taken care of quickly and then he could feel Kazuma’s hands on him.  Flesh against flesh.  Stroking him, holding him.  Warm...  Yusuke moaned and arched, tilting his head and shoulders into Kazuma’s broad chest, and his hips up.  His breath was fast.  Kazuma’s hands were fast.  He pumped, Yusuke writhed… and then he came with a short cry, slumping back against his friend.

            Kazuma caught Yusuke’s weight, holding him closely and marveling.  The feel of Yusuke… hearing him, watching him…  It had almost been enough to make Kazuma come in his pants, without a touch.  Just touching Yusuke had been so incredible…  With a gulp, Kazuma nuzzled the black hair by his head, letting his hands drift over Yusuke’s chest.  Slim, yet strong; powerful, but contained.  Kazuma had always wondered how somebody so much shorter and so much weaker than he could beat him.  Now, of course, he knew that it was the rei power within Yusuke that doubled the force of his blows and sent Kazuma flying.  There was so much hidden within Yusuke...  Frightened of what he wanted to do, Kazuma sat still.

            Large hands, stroking him softly...  Yusuke was drifting in bliss.  When the soft motions stopped, he protested, "Hey, don’t stop."

            "Yusuke," Kazuma moaned quietly, "I can’t."

            "Huh?" Yusuke turned in Kazuma’s arms to stare up at him.  He noticed the rapid breaths and the slightly glazed eyes and the trembling frame.  Yusuke grinned, and, sitting up, he took off his jacket and his t-shirt, tossing them on the ground.  He watched Kazuma’s eyes widen, and his grin grew larger as he wiggled out of his pants.

            "Urameshi!"  Kazuma would have glanced wildly around if he could have torn his gaze off Yusuke.

            Yusuke laughed, "Calm down, there’s no one near here for miles."  Except for maybe Hiei and Kurama but he certainly wasn’t as hell going to remind Kuwabara of that.  Kazuma, his lover—or would be shortly...  Yusuke grinned and reached for Kazuma’s jacket, unbuttoning it carefully, lingering as he could feel the hard planes of the muscled chest through the fabric.  Leaving his hands on Kazuma’s chest, Yusuke leaned up to kiss him again, this time letting the kiss go deep.  Pressing on Kazuma’s lips with his own.  Flicking his tongue over and over at Kauzma’s lips until his mouth parted, and then Yusuke thrust his tongue deep into Kazuma’s mouth, reveling in the feel and taste.  Kazuma’s tongue on his, the rough top and the silky bottom.  The teeth, smooth and hard inside the warm wet mouth. The cheeks, smooth yet pliable, moving with his motions.  Kazuma’s tongue, that now wrapped around his own and stroked him back.  They licked at each other, tasting and feeling each other, lost in each other’s senses until finally they parted, breathing heavily and then they came back again.

            His arms were wrapped around Yusuke.  Kazuma didn’t know how they got there.  He didn’t care.  All he cared about right now was the feeling that was shooting through his body, making him dizzy and excited and he wanted more of it.  He wanted more of Yusuke.  With a moan, he moved his mouth off of Yusuke’s to explore more of Yusuke’s face, his cheeks, his eyelids, his nose, his mouth again, his chin, his neck.  At the noises that emerged from Yusuke, the moans, the gasps, the way his body arched under his hands and his eyes closed…  Kazuma spent a very long time exploring Yusuke’s neck.  Licking the long jugular.  Tracing the sensitive esophagus.  Sucking on the atom’s apple and enjoying the feel of movement as Yusuke swallowed.  With his mouth on Yusuke’s neck, Kazuma could actually feel the moans and sounds that Yusuke was making.  And he wanted more of it.

            Raising his head, Kazuma looked into those wondrous brown eyes that were looking at him in heated desire…  Kazuma groaned.  He pushed Yusuke down onto the ground; Yusuke’s arms came up around him…  For one brief moment, Yusuke frowned.  Kazuma halted his actions in concern; and then he heard and felt his shirt ripping off his back as Yusuke tore it in two. 

            As Kazuma stared for a long moment at his friend, Yusuke grinned, a slow, inviting, delighted, sensuous grin that was still full of the mischief and spirit that characterized his friend.  Removing his hands from Kazuma’s back, Yusuke put his hands behind his head and lounged against the hillside.  An answering grin spread over Kazuma’s face.  Yusuke was daring him to join in another delinquency and cut from the proprieties of life.  Kazuma was never one to turn down that sort of challenge.  After he took a moment to pull off his pants as well, he returned to Yusuke’s body, this time exploring the chest and the intriguing smooth nipples that provoked such nice reactions from Yusuke.  His hands, rough and callused, slipped and halted as they moved over Yusuke’s body, the rugged on the smooth, the contrast making them both gasp for the sensations.

            Yusuke’s arms were around Kazuma again, his palms flat on the wide back and shoulders, his fingers gripping into the tough skin.  Skin against skin.  Yusuke arched again and again as Kazuma’s tongue and mouth and hands roved over his chest, bringing his waist and his hips up meet Kazuma’s chest, pushing into the heated skin that shuddered every time Yusuke made contact. 

            At the next arching, Kazuma’s hands slipped around Yusuke’s body to grip his bottom firmly, holding him tightly against him, pressing him close, their moans mixing in their desire.  Slowly, Kazuma let Yusuke sink back to the ground and he moved his body up and over Yusuke’s so they were face to face.  Greedily, Yusuke grabbed the short curls at the back of Kazuma’s head and pulled his mouth down for another deep kiss.  Closing his eyes, Kazuma lost himself in the kiss and the feelings.  A burning heat flowing through his body, incredible sensitivity for where his body lay on top of Yusuke’s...  Kazuma broke off the kiss with a cry of anguish as he forced himself off, "I can’t."

            "Huh?" Yusuke didn’t want to even try and think right now, he just wanted Kazuma back.

            "I want...  Oh, Kami, Yusuke!  I can’t!"

            Yusuke blinked, "What do you want?"  He reached out to grab Kazuma’s hand, interlacing their fingers and marveling at the exotic feel.

            "I want..." Kazuma stared down at Yusuke, his body trembling with the effort to hold himself back.  Yusuke was so...  Seeing Yusuke there, under him.  The look of those brown eyes.  The feel of his skin.  His scent, so strong and musky.  Trails of Yusuke’s saliva could be felt on Kazuma’s lips... he could see the same at the corners of Yusuke’s mouth...  Kazuma licked his lips and swallowed hungrily.  "Damnit, Yusuke.  I want you."

            "Well?" Yusuke’s voice was derisive, "No kidding."

            "No," Kazuma swallowed again, "I want to have you.  I want to..."

            Yusuke finally figured out just what it was that his friend wanted and his eyes went wide.  "Oh!" And he thought about it, and imagined it...  Yusuke arched his back with a short cry as he looked up at his friend eagerly, "Oh, yes!!!!"  The thought of Kazuma within him... moving inside him as he felt the strength of his friend, "Yes!  Kazuma!"

            Staring down at the flushed and excited face of his friend, Kazuma was astounded...  "You want me to..."

            Yusuke looked between their bodies and fixed his gaze on the large erection that belonged to his rival.  "Hell, yes!  Now, how..."  Yusuke squirmed a bit on the ground, spreading his legs out wide.

            With a gulp, Kazuma reached his hand to first stroke Yusuke’s shaft, and then he drifted his hand under, exploring the neather realm there.  As his hand passed over the area between, Yusuke let out a moan, his eyes widening and then fluttering closed.  A place to remember, Kazuma thought as he watched the reaction.  Then his fingers reached the passage behind and he probed gently, not without a slight grimace on his part at the slimy feel, but he wanted Yusuke so badly… He firmly put any other thoughts out of his mind as he poked his finger in the crevice.  Yusuke stared at him eagerly, his whole body radiating anticipation.  Taking a breath, Kazuma half-knelt as he tried to position… Yusuke impatiently lifted his hips from the ground, rolling slightly onto his shoulders to allow the access. 

            Kazuma moaned himself as he pushed the tip of his member at the opening… the pressure on his already sensitized body making him shudder with the need.  He felt the tight hot ring of muscle… and he pulled back, "It’s not going to work."

            "Hey! You’re not going to stop­—"

            With a growl, Kazuma laid his chest over Yusuke’s, his head next to the glaring eyes, as he nipped at Yusuke’s ear and whispered, "You need to relax, baka…"  He stroked his hands over Yusuke’s body and felt the same taunt muscles everywhere.  Ready for action.  Tight muscles weren’t good for what he wanted...  Running his lips over Yusuke’s ear, licking his tongue inside, he delighted in the giggles as Yusuke squirmed under him, the distraction of sensation pulling away from the need of thought.  Kazuma caressed Yusuke’s shoulders and kneaded them gently, stroking in line with the muscles and feeling them relax.  As he licked at Yusuke’s neck, he drifted his hands down Yusuke’s arms, working the deltoids to the biceps down to the flexors.  Yusuke moaned underneath him, turning his head to allow Kazuma better access.  At the first, Yusuke had tried to move his arms to action, but as Kazuma held him he gradually relaxed until his arms were limp in Kazuma’s grip.

            "Kazuma..." Yusuke sighed.  His body was on fire under his friend’s touch.  Pleasure.  Through his body and his senses.  Kazuma’s mouth moved to his chest as his hand moved to his thigh.  Yusuke gasped and arched upwards, putting his arms around Kazuma’s wide back and spreading out his legs, pushing and pulling into Kazuma’s touch.

            Pulling his mouth away from Yusuke, Kazuma looked down at him for one long intense moment before he grinned, thinking but carefully not saying out loud, I’m not surprised he doesn’t easily give up control.  Reaching behind himself, he grabbed Yusuke’s hands and pulled them over his head, transferring his grip to hold both of the slim wrists in one of his hands as he leaned his weight into pinning the arms there.

            "Kuwabara!" Angry brown eyes glared up as Yusuke prepared to free himself.

            "Hush," Kazuma whispered, a pang in his heart as he heard his family name on Yusuke’s lips.  Is it so hard for you to think of me as a close friend?  He lowered his head and kissed Yusuke gently, brushing his lips against the softness, going no deeper.  His free hand, he ran through Yusuke’s dark hair, mussing the slick fighting style further and brushing the bangs over Yusuke’s forehead. He brushed his lips close to Yusuke’s eyes, feeling the lids close down and

the tickle of eyelashes.

            With a sigh, Yusuke relaxed.  He hadn’t missed the pain in Kazuma’s eyes and he cursed his unthinking dominance.  "Kazuma," he murmured as he tried hard not to reach out to hold the strong body over him.  He wanted to guide every stroke and move that Kazuma made, he wanted to be touched ‘there,’ he wanted...  Yusuke tried hard to stop wanting and just accept what was.

            That’s better... Kazuma kept his hold on Yusuke’s wrists but started moving his other hand around on Yusuke’s body, down his side, under his waist, cupping the yielding bottom...  He listened to Yusuke’s breathing and the little gasps that told him where the sensitive parts were.  He felt Yusuke’s body move and respond as he stroked him and kissed him and loved him...  Periodically, Kazuma would think of what he was doing and would stop briefly in wonder and awe, sure that it was a dream.  Then Yusuke would protest the pause and Kazuma would start again to touch the body he’d dreamed of for so long. 

            The more Kazuma touched him, the more he held him and stroked him, the more Yusuke started to drift into bliss.  Every seed of control he gave up, he was amazed at what returns in sensations it made.  He stopped expecting, and found greater joy in the unforeseen pleasures.  "Ahhh..." Kazuma’s fingers were between his legs, stroking that area that had been so nice before and it was even nicer now.  As the touch moved back and dipped briefly in, Yusuke gasped in surprise at the intensity of the pleasure there.  It wasn’t what he’d thought it’d be like, but it was good and felt good to be stroked there, the fingers moving around and circling and pushing in and pulling out and...  Yusuke started to gasp, drawing his breath in quickly and then releasing for more.  He lay limply back on the ground, no energy left for anything except feeling as the pleasure rocked through him.

            "Um, Yusuke..."

            Reluctantly, Yusuke opened an eye and looked up, his mind wanting the pleasure and he resented having to think.

            Kazuma blushed red at Yusuke’s expression.  "Do you have any lubrication?"

            "Any what?"

            "Lubri..." Kazuma blushed redder, even as his fingers were still circling, "It’s too dry."

            With a blink, Yusuke’s mind skipped around, "How long have you been thinking of having sex with me?"

            "Too long..." Kazuma muttered, thinking of the little shops he’d gazed at and then jerked away from, the picture books he’d opened briefly to shut again quickly and move on, the bits of information he'd hear in conversation and remember without knowing why...

            "And you don’t have any?"

            Because it had been a dream, not a reality.  As long as Kazuma had denied it to himself, he was safe.  Until there had been strong arms wrapped around his body and soft lips pressed to his and gentle brown eyes that were looking at him much as they were at the moment...  Kazuma shook his head in shame.

            Yusuke grinned and let his eyes drift shut again, content to wait a bit more, feeling the pleasure still drifting through his body and the memory of the pleasure.  "In my jacket coat, left pocket."  There were sounds of some fumbling around...

            "Yusuke, what the hell is this stuff?"

            "My hair oil."


            At the sound of revolted disgust in Kazuma’s voice, Yusuke started giggling.  He opened his eyes and smiled happily up at the familiar face and again he loved every familiar crease and the way every thought of Kazuma’s was revealed by the way the lines shifted and the skin moved and...  Yusuke grinned, "It’s safe.  It’s made from soy and it’s what the women used to use back in the days when they had those huge coiffures... natural oil, so it's edible too." He winked at Kazuma reflecting that it was a very useful oil…

            Kazuma blinked, "You can buy this in stores?"

            "Nah.  I got it from my mom.  Her friends like to use it because they have to be careful about using the regular stuff on their hair when... uh..." Yusuke broke off as he abruptly blushed.  His mom’s friends weren’t exactly the type of people most people knew...

            At the look on Yusuke’s face, Kazuma’s heart went out.  Pregnant at fourteen, there weren’t many options for husbandless women.  It actually said a lot about his mom’s determination that it was only her friends that were prostitutes and not herself as well.  It was small wonder that she lived in the bottle most of the time.  And completely amazing that Yusuke had grown up with as much love and trust as he showed at times.  Not to everybody.  Yusuke was very much the street tough who was as rough as his talk and could scorn as well as be scorned.  But underneath... there was that amazingly soft core that turned brown eyes liquid in response to care, the trust that was given with a smile, the gentleness that reminded Kazuma of his favorite kitten...  Leaning down, Kazuma kissed Yusuke, holding him close in body and heart.

            After several very long minutes, Yusuke was a puddle again.  Relaxed and simply enjoying the sensations of the hands and tongue and lips over his body.  There had been enough time for his erection to revive and Kazuma spent a lot of time licking and exploring it as well.  Yusuke was in heaven as Kazuma's fingers would glide around his nether parts and stroke between the areas and excite and pleasure him until he no longer clenched in reflex as the fingers dipped in him.  Warm oil slid between his legs, adding to the sensations, guided by Kazuma's fingers and making his flesh tingle exotically. 

            Kazuma looked down at friend and was in awe at the look of rapture on Yusuke's face.  Did I do that?  He gulped, his need blindingly powerful and yet he was still hesitant to take the final step…  Gripping Yusuke's legs, he raised them against his shoulders, so Yusuke's body was in a curved position and his opening clear.  Kazuma reached a hand to hold Yusuke's shoulder as with the other he braced his bottom.  Then he tentatively moved forward, watching Yusuke's face as he did. 

            The long time of petting and preparation had relaxed Yusuke so that the penetration was smooth on the passage of the oil, just a slight tightness and such an incredible feeling… Yusuke cried out as his sensitized nerves were all stroked, very firmly and strongly, moving deeper and deeper… nerves and walls and the feeling progressing through yet not abandoning any part it had already touched… and then Yusuke jumped and clenched as there was a jolt on his insides that shot a lightning rod through him at the impact.  Combined with the larger pleasure, it was nearly as intense as the ejaculation he'd had earlier.  He cried out and heard Kazuma's cry match his.  Opening his eyes, he stared in wonder at the total joy and ecstasy on Kazuma's face as he leaned over Yusuke.  Then Kazuma started to move rhythmically and they both lost track of time and reason as the sensations plunged them into a realm of pure pleasure.

            "Yusuke!" Kazuma nearly blacked out as all the muscles in his body stiffened and jerked as he came buried deep within the body he'd dreamed so much of.  He held the pose a moment longer then fell ungracefully over Yusuke, sliding out of him and down to rest his head against Yusuke's chest, Yusuke's leg moving back around him to the ground… and a stiff hard errection against his chest.  With a moan of exhaustion and pleasure and duty combined, he slid further down Yusuke's body until he could engulf the need with his mouth.  His hands automatically sought the areas he'd found earlier, and it didn't take much more for Yusuke to cry out in a manner very similar to his and then he collapsed against the ground.  Kazuma licked at the taste of the ejaculate and then pulled himself up again, urged by Yusuke's hands.  They met for a long delicious kiss, tasting of sex and love and satisfaction and delight.

            Then they wrapped themselves tightly together in arms and legs and both fell asleep, sweaty and exhausted, completely in accord with the pleasure.


... ... ...



            "Should we wake them?"

            The look from the red eyes didn't quell the mischievous expression in the green, but it was definitely a negative reply.

            "I guess they can find their own way back from here."

            "The idiots didn't even set a guard, anything could wander across them and slaughter them in their sleep."

            A gentle giggle, "If anything disturbs them now, I think it's more likely the other way."

            There was silence, but it was filled with the slight rustling of cloth and a soft smooching sound…

            "They had a good idea."

            "Hn.  Yes, Fox, they did."

            "Let's go home, my demon, and explore that idea further."

            The silence in reply was that of assent.

... ... ...

            Alone again on the hillside, the two sleepers shifted in each others' arms.  Without really waking, Yusuke pulled the black cape more tightly around both of them before drifting again to sleep with the one he loved.

... ... ...