Some general notes about all stories I write based on the YYH series. Usually, longer stories will also have notes specific to that particular story following the end.

About the Stories: My basic YYH universe is a complete one rather than a fragmented one. Most of the stories found on this page take place in the same basic set of assumptions about the characters and fall into place somewhere in the same timeline (I'll mention if it's not in the same universe). If something does not quite make sense in one story, or has left some loose ends untied... well, it's probably an idea that has either been expanded on in another story, or will be in a future one. Email if you've got questions about a particular idea that you're intensely curious about, and I've probably got a deep and convoluted background that I'll spend five pages explaining about. ;-)

  Almost all my stories are based on facts from anime eps 1-25, manga vol 1-4.  I like to cut my timeline off at that point because I think the series diverges from its original intent after that and I wanted to explore the ideas shown in the early stages rather than the ones from the latter.

  I don't use facts from later episodes of the manga/anime if they seem to contradict earlier parts. Some of the important ones to know before reading my stories are:

    • I use "Youko" as a name for Kurama's previous life. From what I saw in the earlier episodes, "Kurama" is a new name, and his race is kitsune (fox, spirit fox). ((I know that later episodes call him 'Youko Kurama,' and "Youko" is used as his 'species' name, but from what I saw, I really didn't think it was intended that way in the beginning, and I'm not changing it now after all the hundreds of pages written with it like that. ;-p  Consider it part of the alternative timeline deal..))

    • I do not use in my timeline the manga episode about Hiei and Kurama meeting five years before the beginning of the YYH storyline. I feel that their (H & K's) interactions with each other in the first several episodes do not match the events and interaction of the later story. Okay, mine take a bit of a divergence too, but...  ;-p  Just take my word for it, this didn't happen in my timeline.  ;-)

    • In the manga, the bit about Hiei's jagan being implanted wasn't mentioned until way late in the series. I choose to think that the 'implant' was an add-on and that originally the jagan was intended to be his natural power, something he was born with, and that is how my stories are written. ((The later manga series ignores a LOT of Hiei's powers that he had in the beginning... Power List))

    • In the same way, I think Yukina, as Hiei's sister, was an add-on... but I like her so I kept that part of it. ;-) (But most of the rest of that storyline in the anime differs from the manga, and I follow more of the manga, especially with the part relating to Hiei.) It is unclear to me if Hiei and Yukina were suppose to be literal 'twins' born at the same time, or just siblings. With the disclarity, it's more convenient for me to use separate birth dates.

    • Originally, the series seemed to portray Hiei as a very powerful experienced demon... so that is how I choose to portray him. 

  I do, however, keep things from later part of the series if they don't contradict earlier - such as there is nothing in the earlier to discount Kurama being a plant controller (and the rose whip seems to be a good indicator that it's possible) so I take that as fact.

    ((Most of these notes are about Hiei and Kurama, but that is where most of the disclarity is. I do use the other characters in stories, really I do! J ))

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