This change is going to need a bit of explanation. ~..^

I started out a series of stories (The Air and Darkness series) with the Team that introduced a non-canon character from Hiei's past. It was an interesting character for me to work with because I was also mixing mythologies and exploring a different idea. But at the same time, I was working on some ideas about Yusuke and Kuwabara. After a bit, I realized that the ideas about Yusuke didn't have to go in the same stories as the NCC. But I didn't really want to revise the base situations. So... I decided to rewrite the stories but without the NCC. I left the basic plotlines similar, but not the same. Some of the writing is identical; a lot is different. 

In general, some of the differences are that 1) the original contains more lime then the rework, 2) the rewrite has Koenma and Kuwabara's sister involved more, and 3) the rewrite will be tighter plotwise and will read a bit easier (a natural result of how much more editing was done on it). 

I'm still working on the original stories, as well as the revised ones, and it's rather an interesting exercise to deal with both at the same time J .