The Air & Darkness Series

  A nine-story series of three sets of three basic patterns:

1. Cloak of Darkness

An energy drain on the world sends the Team out to a different dimension to stop it, with a new helper along Ė and brings her own problems as the new personís past conflicts with Hieiís.
[Shinka/Mietta is introduced to the group.]

2. Wings of Air

A new mission... or so they thought.  The Team carries the memories of the past with them and as Yusuke struggles to become a leader, they all find out that circumstances can change.
[Yusuke learns a lesson while we learn more of Hiei and Shinka.]

3. Balance of Thought  [Part 1]  [Part 2] [Part 3]

Training at Genkaiís Ė almost as good as a mission, and fraught with almost as many perils.  As the Team takes some time to relax and train, what they find is not necessarily what they sought.
[Character development for the group.  Yusuke comes to an unpleasant realization about Hiei Ė and learns another lesson in the process.]

Castle of Darkness

Wicked things are done in the depths of shadows and the Team must stop the evil.  However, to what ends will one go to stop evil?  What is evil?  And what is trust?
[Mietta emerges on a mission.  Hiei steps in... and reveals things he hadnít intended to.]

Dagger of Air

Trust... and past lives and hidden secrets.  There is more than one secret being kept, and more than one life affected.  When things are forced into the open, what alliances will be torn, and which will be kept?  How will balances shift, and what will be the final reckoning?
[Yusuke decides to take matters into his own hands regarding Hieiís secrets.]

Balance of Soul

A balance is reached, of a sorts.  And accommodations and a more intimate relationship for some.  However, some truths are less obvious than others.
[Interesting Developments result from Yusukeís declaration.]

Mountain of Darkness

The Makai can be dangerous to those too cocky Ė and the results can engulf others as well.
[Yusuke runs ahead... and Hiei follows.]

Time of Air

Will Hiei ever return?  What is love?  And what is trust?  Kurama goes to his mom for the answers, and receives more than he expects.
[This summary might change depending on what I chose to do for the previous story Ė there are two possibilities in the last and I havenít chosen which Iíll use yet.]

Balance of Power

When all is said and done, what will become of the Team?
[Shinka/Mietta are finally merged and the result is unexpected.  Hiei makes a decision.  Yusuke makes another.]