Stargate Atlantis Song Vids

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Due to an overload of sites directly linking to the vids and killing the bandwidth, all vids on this page have been converted to zip files. 
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Everybody Hurts  (2/14/05)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: sorrowful times, Team Vid
Song: Everybody Hurts by R.E.M
download 8.7 MB in .wmv

footage through 1.19 Siege part I  
(spoilers for 1.7 Poisoning The Well, 1.12 Defiant One, 1.16 The Brotherhood, 1.18 The Gift, and 1.19 Siege part I )

Kung Fu Fighting  (2/14/05) (saved in ZIP format)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: The fighting folks of Atlantis, Team Vid
Song: Kung Fu Fighting by the Foo Fighters
download 5.4 MB in .wmv (zipped file)

footage through 1.18 The Gift  (spoilers for 1.16 The Brotherhood and 1.18 The Gift)

Won't Back Down  (2/12/05)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: John Sheppard
Song: Won't Back Down by Johnny Cash
download 3.6 MB in .wmv

footage through 1.20 Siege part II (no real spoilers)

He Ain't Heavy  (12/08/04)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: Atlantis Team
Song: He Ain't Heavy by The Hollies
download 6.9 MB in .wmv

footage through 1.15 Before I Wake (spoilers for 1.12 Defiant One and 1.14 Sanctuary)

I'll Stand By You  (11/22/04)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: Rodney McKay & John Sheppard
Song: I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders
download 6.5 MB in .wmv

footage through 1.12 Defiant One (spoilers for 1.3 Hide and Seek)

So Macho  (11/29/04)
Fandom:  StarGate Atlantis
Focus: All the macho men of Atlantis :)
Song: So Macho by Sinitta
download 5.8 MB in .wmv

footage through 1.12 Defiant One (no real spoilers)

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