Alatri/Tallihensia Update History

10/26/2021 - I have been rudely reminded that not all my fics have been moved over to AO3.  My bad.  Sorry - due to the way I originally wrote and formatted the fics, it's not just a simple matter of uploading them directly. I've got to reformat the original files, do a bit of html editing, and then review before posting.  So I got the smaller sets and then I was most of the way through YYH... and then I probably got busy because I'm just really busy with RL these days.  I really meant to get all of them up.  That does NOT mean, however, that random-odd people can just wholesale lift my webpages and post them in AO3 without my permission!  I've been plaguarized at least three times that I know of, but I got to say, this one was even weirder than that because they even said "not my fic" and gave a link to these webpages.  WTH?  Look, I found out because another fan kindly tracked me down and let me know, and if that awesome wonderful person could find out where I hang out nowadays, the fic copier could very well have as well.  Geez.  Anyhow, at least it has reminded me that I don't have everything up yet!  Promise, I'll start working on that again.  In the meantime, the bit of writing I still manage to squeeze out now and again is all on Tallihensia on AO3.

12/12/09 - Oh heck. Meant to do a total overhaul of the site as long as I had to move service providers, but as with everything good intentional, that just didn't happen. Put everything back up exactly as it was. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANY OF THE LINKS ARE BROKEN!
- Put in links to the new Smallville fanfiction kept over on my livejournal. I'll make webpages for them later. Maybe. (I'm also uploading stuff into Archive of My Own.)

7/18/09 - Finally got the website back up. Had to move service providers and transfer domain. Argh. Going to work on webpages and make more current-day friendly html and css as long as I have to change things anyhow. So keeping the pages down a bit longer until I can get to that.

3/09 - Website down. Having argument with my web provider.

... - not much stuff happening here.

11/1/06 - Updated html for main, news, updates, and new ficlets. Will get to the others later.
Fics Updated:

5/6/05 - Added F'king Angel to Devil and Devil fics - the Alphabet fic for that series.  ^^  Yes, Sword swears a lot. ;p

4/27/05 - Added links to my other hobbies, since well, since they weren't there.  ;p  Old links since I haven't done hobbies for three years, but still good.  Also updated the News page (not that I have any).

3/1/05 - Added Snow Fun to YYH fics, the Alphabet fic for that series.  ^^

2/14/05 - Busy busy Lisa!  Uploaded more SGA vids.  :)

2/12/05 - Uploaded SGA vid to main page (Lisa).  While uploading, interestingly found that the various things that I hadn't managed to find to restore from the down time are all back up.  Looks like when the hosting site restored my stats, they also did some backups from the old pages.  Yay.  :)  Have now made sure that *I* have backups!  Posted "The Name Game" to StarGate Atlantis fics.

2/8/05 - (Everything was up again a day or so the last post, but forgot to make a note of it.)  Uploaded SGA vid to Lady DarkAngel page

1/24/05 - website went down last week.  o.o   Am re-uploading things, but I've gotten a bit careless over the last year and things are scattered.  Will hopefully have it all up again soon.  Unfortunately, don't think all my cat pics will make it back because I *really* don't know where they were.

12/01/04 - Finally got around to updating the update page.  ;p  Things that have changed...  New Sky Captain section.  Two stories in there and I've got a few work in progresses, but I'm not posting those yet.  Also a pic from Ronda to accompany one of the stories.  I'm also hosting some music videos for a friend in StarGate Atlantis fandom.  Need to make a base page for that on the index.

um, several miscellaneous itty-bitty updates in the last year

7/26/03 - Uploaded "As They Say" to Due South section.  Short humor slash; I was being silly.

7/24/03 - Remembered to actually *link* the pdf files for YYH...  ;-p (they've been up there for months)

7/14/03 - Updated some of the explanatory notes in YYH. 

5/11/03 - Fixed the indexing in Ranma.  All stories now accessible.  Darn links.  ;-p

5/10/03 - Fixed the link for the Prize.  Darn upper/lowercase urls... ;-p.  Uploaded new short stories in Devil & Devil (The Cutting Edge) and Ranma (Another Day).  Fixed some links through the site.

3/7/03 - Cleaned code on the Prize (Ranma).  Uploaded a Ranma si dj in Talli. 

3/6/03 - Finished most coding clean for Revelations.  Uploaded the revised Beginning index after being reminded by a Radish that it wasn't there...  ~..^

3/5/03 - Added Ronda's illustrations for the Ranma Revelations story.  Over in Talli.  Cleaned more coding in Ranma fics.

2/1/03 - Updating...  Cleaning code and links on more pages.  Linked the Tallihensia password protect area from Alatri.  Added Revelations and Prize and Winter to Talli. Will distribute password on MLs.  Linked our djs.

1/26/03 - Opened up password-protect sections.  Moved some Ronda pics over there, and our two doujinshi (for Devil&Devil and Twin Signal).

1/13/03 - Added DD story, "First Knowledge."  Updated DD story "Mirrors."  Minor IC updates.

1/5/03 - Updated fiction index page, fixed link to IC.  Took off link to the closed VC site.  Updated News. Fixed graphics in TS. Cleaned code in Jane. Added ADsummary to YYH. Added new fanfic story, "Mirrors" to Devil&Devil section. Added Dual Translations link in DD (thanks, Greg! :)).

8/23/02 - Moved fiction and associated pages to a new offshoot to both add room and to separate out the interests a bit.  The name should be more recognizable to fic fans too.  <> New email address also for the fiction site and related topics  <>.

3/3/02 - Moved site. Everything is now over on my main homepage without ads, cookies, or banners. Gosh darned annoying things. ;-p
I've been trying to clean up the code on everything. I've done the vast majority of the stories on the YYH page, but haven't gotten to the Ranma section yet. Eventually. o.O I've got html coding in my sleep now. ~..^
Newest stories for Ranma and YYH are up. Well, they're not that new, but I hadn't put them up yet. ;-) They're there now.
Nothing new in bettas or opals yet. I've been busy in betta stuff, but none of it on my webpage yet... I barely can keep up with the CBS website, let alone my own. {sigh} Most of my opal stuff is on hold until I get my life back.

Picture Credit: The Catspaw Nebula - from The Daily Astronomy Site (archive), Robert Gendler & Martin Pugh

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