Twin Signal!

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For information on the Twin Signal series, please see these sites:

Chibi Mokona's Twin Signal Pages - synopsis, some translations, images

The Dennoukuukan-Oracle Interface (Kane's pages) - wonderful pictures, scans, backgrounds, and info

Shannon's Twin Signal Pages - info on the OVAs, screenshots, tons of cute chibi animations
Xian-Pu's Twin Signal Images - images ;-)lots of them

My pages are here:

TS Timeline
My speculation on just when all the past events happened and ideas about them.

Reflections & Surprises
An alphabet fic for Twin Signal.  Signal reflects while Code flies

Some manga scans of the short story in manga vol 7, to be used in conjunction with the translation by Chibi-Mokona.

A 15pg doujinshi, by me and Ronda. Yaoi Lemon with Signal/Code.  Email me for the password.

Go out and get the mangas! This is a *wonderful* series!!!;-)

updated 11/1/06