Sailor Moon Snippets Seventeen

(Beginning of SuperS storyline, ep 128)


As the darkness passed over the face of the sun, Usagi whimpered and turned her head. The others were riveted by the sight of a solar eclipse. "Wow..."

After it was over, and people were milling around on the green grass hill, Artemis looked thoughtfully at Usagi, who was still rather subdued, "You really are afraid of it, arenít you?"

Usagi swallowed and looked out over the hills. Her face was answer enough. Some of the others, noticing the question, came in a bit closer.

"Why?" Artemis was genuinely curious, and not at all scornful.

Usagi looked at him for a long moment before closing her eyes, "Itís because I canít see."

Mamoru came up behind her and laid a hand on her shoulder. She shuddered briefly, then wailed, "The Earth is unprotected in that time. Itís bad enough in a Lunar Eclipse, when the shadow of the Earth falls over my face and hides my vision, but at least Helios can still protect the other side. In a Solar Eclipse, not only can not I see, but Helios cannot either for I am in the way. The Earth is, for that minute, completely unprotected, and I am scared."

The group was staring at her in total and complete shock, unable to say a word. Mamoru tightened his grip on her, "Serenity--" he started to say, but she cut him off.

"Endymion, donít you dare tell me not to worry about it!!"

He blinked, then backtracked, "I wasnít going to say that!"

Usagi laughed, and lifted one hand to his face, gently. "Mamo-chan, youíre a lousy liar." She turned back to the scene overlooking the valley, "Well, thatís over now. Time to have some fun!" She grabbed Mamoruís hand off her shoulder, then started to run down the hill. The others followed more slowly, thinking about what she had said.