Sailor Moon Snippets Fifteen

(during SuperS 132)


"Oh, your girlfriends," Saori and Kobayashi looked at each other in amusement, thinking they understood now. Mamoru’s girlfriend was just a young cousin or something, who liked to call herself his girlfriend and he let her.

Mamoru noticed the misunderstanding, but furiously decided he couldn’t possibly say anything to refute it at that time. He let his gaze wander to Usagi and Chibiusa, still arguing fiercely, and his face grew red.

As soon as Saori and Kobayashi left the apartment, Mamoru distracted Chibi with some treats and hauled Usagi out on the balcony, "Okay, Usako – what was that all about?"

"What was what?" Usagi looked back at him with wide innocent eyes.

Mamoru rolled his eyes, not particularly angry anymore, but annoyed, "That scene with Chibiusa – you know what I mean."

"Why, I have no idea." The soft voice had gone even softer.

Mamoru looked around in sudden caution, then back at Usagi, "What?"

"What do you mean, ‘what’?" Usagi leaned on the railing and looked out over the city.


She sighed, and turned back around, "Mamo-chan – Kobayashi-san did his Business Administration internship at my dad’s work. He may not have recognized me right then, but how many girls are out there named ‘rabbit in the moon’? My dad still doesn’t know about us!"

Oh. Mamoru was silent, thinking, and regretting the necessity. He wanted the whole world to know that he and Usagi were a couple. He wanted to shout his love from this balcony and hold her tight in front of the view of millions. He wanted to be with Usagi. But very appropriately, her dad wouldn’t let her date until she was sixteen. Normally, Mamoru would agree with that. But he loved Usagi...

"It’s okay, Mamo-chan." Usagi walked to Mamoru and put her arms around him. "I’m sorry I embarrassed you."

"I’m sorry I hurt you." Mamoru dropped his chin on her head and held her close.

There were like that together for only a few moments before the pink whirlwind came out to break them up again.