SuperS Movie Addition


Sailor Moon watched the airship until it disappeared from her view. "Chibiusa…" I couldn’t… Chibiusa… The moment the airship vanished, she turned her attention to the pain that she’d shoved to one corner of her mind. "Mamo-chan!!!" She ran, and ran, and dropped to her knees beside him. She gathered his hand in hers, frightened to touch any other part of him.

The other Sailor Senshi gathered around them, Mars with a reluctant Peruru. Mercury knelt down next to Sailor Moon and reached for Tuxedo Mask’s frayed and burnt shirt. She gently parted it, then drew back in startlement. "These are burns! How did this happen?" Mercury looked to the others who also were staring down. Jupiter shook her head, "He fell…"

"No he didn’t." Sailor Moon stifled a sniffle, looking only at the face of her beloved, "That nasty lady blasted him and he was knocked off the ship."

The others stared at her, not saying a word, but it was obvious in their faces that they hadn’t see that.

Peruru reached a hand over Tuxedo Mask’s chest and sparkling lights drifted down from his fingers. "It’s not really my department, but that should hold him until we can get somewhere else. Not many can live through the raw power of the Queen."

Now the others stared at him, looking between him, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask. Jupiter was among the first to recover. She crouched down and lifted Tuxedo Mask as gently as she could. His head drooped limply over her arms, and Sailor Moon let out a wail before she could stifle it. Mars put a hand on her shoulder, giving her support, "Let’s get back."

"Where?" Venus looked to Mercury, who had her computer out.

"Mamoru’s apartment is closest. … Does anybody know how to drive?"

"I do. But where will we find a car?" The small group moved along as Venus spoke.

Mercury blushed utter red and pointed to one on the street, "It’s unlocked, and the keys are inside." The faces of every Senshi blanched as they realized what she was suggesting. Mercury wailed almost in despair, "We need to get to his apartment!" and turned even redder.

"Right then." Venus opened the driver’s door and searched for the keys, familiarizing herself with the controls. She rubbed her hands together nervously and gulped. Artimas jumped up on the dashboard and muttered to her, "You’ll do fine. Remember your lessons in England."

Mars opened the passenger door and helped Jupiter get Tuxedo Mask in. The rest squeezed in somehow, and Venus, very carefully and very slowly, drove them to the apartment.

When they got to the apartment door, they stood for a moment.

"I’ve got a key…" Sailor Moon started to reach for her pocket before realizing she was still Sailor Moon, "Oh yeah."

The others stared at her and Mercury was blushing furiously. Peruru stepped in front of them, "Allow me…" He reached his hand out to the lock and there was a soft click and then the door opened. For just that moment, Sailor Moon saw rainbow guazemer wings on his back.

The moment they were all inside Mamoru’s apartment, Sailor Moon felt the peace and love of the memories of the place surround her as she smelled the fresh scent of the roses on the console table. She relaxed for the first time since Chibi had been taken from them, and as she did, her uniform changed to her everyday clothes and she became Usagi again.

An exclamation from Jupiter directed their attention to Tuxedo Mask in her arms. A soft glow surrounded his body and when it faded, he had changed to Mamoru. If possible, he looked in worse shape as Mamoru then he had as Tuxedo Mask. Jupiter quickly put him down on the bed and Mercury directed the others around for soft cloths and boiled water to soak the bloody clothing off. Mamoru didn’t move throughout the treatment. One by one, the others changed back to their normal selves.

When the others had done what they could, and Ami was left to gently bandage up the horrible burns with Venus’ help, Rei and Mako took Usagi and Peruru aside.

"I still don’t understand how he got burnt. What we saw was the piper awakening the children and they pressed him until he fell off the ship."

Usagi shook her head, "That wasn’t it at all. When the piper started his music, the nasty lady appeared again, but this time on the ship." Usagi shivered, "She was twice our size, and an evil came from her…" Tears leaked from the corners of Usagi’s eyes, "It was like Metallica had come again!" Mako put an arm around Usagi and she sniffed and continued, "She looked at Tuxedo Mask and said, ‘what an annoying threat’, then blasted him with this bright black light that burned and burned…" Usagi turned her head into Mako’s shoulder and started sobbing in earnest. Mako murmured comforting things in her ear as Rei turned to Peruru who was staring in astonishment at Usagi.

"Sailor Moon is very powerful." Peruru saw Rei’s expression and hurriedly continued, "That didn’t happen in your dimension. The Queen—"

They were interrupted by a call from Ami, "Usagi."

Usagi hurried to the bed, "Will he be all right?"

Ami sat tiredly on the far end of the bed, "He’s very weak, but the injuries of themselves aren’t life-threatening."

As if on cue, Mamoru’s eyes opened. "Usako." Usagi grabbed his hand in both of hers, "Mamo-chan." All her love and longing shone clearly in her voice.

"Ah." Peruru spoke so softly that only Rei heard him, "That’s why she could see them. He wasn’t wholly in this dimension, and she is connected to him."

"Chibiusa?" Mamoru demanded knowledge, and Usagi hesitated to tell him what had happened to Chibi. He’ll try to fight. I know he will. "Chibi is… fine. She’s okay."

"Is she?" Peruru’s voice was louder that time and most of the group heard him.

Usagi looked stricken. But the hand around hers tightened and she turned back to Mamoru. "Usako—" He let go of her hand and reached in the air for nothing. The muscles around his face tightened with pain, "Damn." He closed his eyes and reached again. This time, a rose appeared in his hand, a small, beautiful, white rose, fully open. The scent reached through the room and all the friends felt their spirits rise and their tiredness disappear. "For Chibi. When you find her. This will help." Usagi took the rose, her tears falling silently on the bed, and on Mamoru. His blue eyes opened and gazed at her, a smile playing on his lips, "Usako… This one is for you." He hadn’t moved, but his hand now held a beautiful rose, shaded a rich golden color on the body and deep red at the edges. Usagi remembered the first time she’d ever seen the rose and smiled with sudden hope. "Thank you." She reached for the second rose, but Mamoru held onto it a moment longer, "I am always with you." Then his eyes closed and his hand fell limply back to the covers, leaving the rose with Usagi. "Oh…" she breathed out.

Ami came around and reached for his wrist. "He’s okay. We should go now." Usagi stood up and nodded, "Hai." She gently set the two roses in her hair.

Rei looked at Peruru, staring at the bed. "Now what?" she whispered at him.

"Such love… This is where children learn their dreams. It’s wrong to take them away." Peruru turned to Rei, "He put his strength in the white rose. He put his self in the golden one."

The Senshi left the apartment, on their way to rescue Chibi and save the world.