Birth of the Moon Kingdom


Even as it was first being formed from the torrents of the solar system and the will of the Sun, the Earth was threatened by dark forces that resisted its birth. A comet directed by those dark forces slammed into the Earth, trying to destroy it before the planet of light became a threat. But the Earth fought back, and spun off part of itself to envelop and throw off the darkness. This part of the Earth fought long and hard, keeping the darkness from the emerging planet. When the battle was finally won and the darkness gone, the part of the Earth looked to return and found it could no longer go back. In the eons that had passed since it first spun off, the Earth had finished its formation and was preparing to make of itself a home for life. The part of the Earth left outside decided that since it was born defending the Earth, it would continue the job, and settled into an orbit around its former self to keep watch on all parts of the Earth. No longer the Earth, the other called itself the Moon, the guardian of the Earth and its future life.

In its first struggle with darkness, the Moon had appropriated an object that, though small, contained a focus of many thousands of years of power. It named this small focus the Silver Crystal and learned its uses. Through this first conflict, the Moon had learned what darkness was and wherence the darkness came from, and the Moon determined not to let darkness near its beloved Earth. The Moon watched the solar system, and when darkness appeared, it focused the rays of light through the Silver Crystal and drove away the dark.

The birth of a solar system was a rare and wondrous event, taking much effort on the part of a Star to become a Sun, and that of its children, the planets. The two planets closest to the Earth were also growing their own life and the three planets shared their joy with each other. The planet closest to the Sun basked in the light and grew wise under its tutelage. The larger planets furthest from the Sun decided not to grow life, but focused on the arts and beauty of semetry and pattern. They grew strong and large with the energy they did not use on life. They rejoiced in their siblings’ life, and watched the three planets grow green and joyful.

Now, those jaded old spirits of dark, looking for new homes and energy to feed themselves as they had long outlasted their own lives, knew this period of beginning for the most vulnerable time of a Star’s life. They came, time and time again, reaching for the light of creation and the energy of life. The Moon cared most for its beloved, the Earth, but also knew and revered its half-siblings, the planets. Time and time again, the Moon reached with its Light to defend and cleanse the evil from the system. But the Moon was too far from the other planets and could not defend them as quickly and as efficiently as it could the Earth. Over the eons, the two planets closest to the Earth were battered and torn. They lost the life they had started to grow, and the solar system mourned. All the planets now focused their love and devotion to their one remaining sibling that still nourished its life; the Earth.

As the ages past, the Moon grew strong, and its light grew powerful. The darkness learned to fear the Moon and started to become more subtle in their attacks. A comet of the type the solar system saw daily swerved on its path and slammed into the Earth, spreading darkness far. The Moon instantly bathed the Earth in the light of the Silver Crystal, and the darkness was destroyed, but the Earth cried out in pain. Over the years, the Moon had become strong, and the pure light of righteousness was too much for the tender growth that was neither light nor dark, but simply life. The Moon sorrowed for this, and consulted with the Sun to find a solution.

Much of the Earth’s life had been destroyed through the last attack, and the Earth worked hard to rebuild its life. The first time, the Earth had shaped creation for growth and power. With the threats that now confronted it, it looked at what was left of the once teeming races and chose to focus on choice and will. "For if they chose Light of their own, the Dark will never again be able to overwhelm us as a whole." "But they might also chose Dark." "It is known. My guardian, defender that was once mine own self, will thou now be also guide for my people?" "Guide and Guardian. My beloved, it shall be so."

The solution that the Sun and Moon had come up with worked well with the Earth’s request, for they decided it would be best for the Moon to divide her self and come down to live upon the Earth, defeating the enemies as they manifested. This would serve well also for the Moon’s new role of guide for the people. The Moon, with the help of the Sun, separated most of itself and its will and incarnated on the Earth in a form that replicated the Earth’s precious people. In doing so, the Moon left behind most of her power, but found that she could still call upon it by using the Silver Crystal, which she had taken with her to the Earth.

For many more centuries, the Moon lived on the Earth, watching and teaching and loving the children of life. The darkness learned to fear this new form of their old enemy, and started changing their strategies again, for they still lusted after the pure life force the Earth had given its people. The darkness emerged in small seeds of power, too small for the Moon to find, and grew in the thoughts and hearts of people. When the Moon finally noticed what was happening, it was almost too late, but she held up her Silver Crystal and allowed the light to shine. She bade those who had the dark seeds within them to look at themselves and their fellows and to see the ugliness of the dark within them revealed by the clear light of the Crystal. The people were horrified and begged for the Moon to drive the darkness out. She did so, and those now cleansed in this manner gathered around her to learn the ways of light and to help their fellow people not to caught in the same trap. As the years went by, those closest to the Moon absorbed part of her light and became different then the people of the Earth. The Earth was amused and called them the Moon people.

At a point during the new struggle against the dark, the Moon and her people confronted a person who had a dark seed within him. When confronted by the light and asked to allow the cleansing, this person reacted with anger for he had come to enjoy the power the dark gave him. He picked up a spear of the type they used for hunting and threw it at the Moon Goddess. Not having known self-violence before, all but one of her people watched without comprehension. The one person who realized what was intended threw himself in front of the Moon and the spear pieced him through as it would have a boar. Horrified, they gathered near and watched as the life faded from his body. The Moon knew a pain she’d never before felt, for the person was one of her own, and she loved her people. She rose up to destroy this darkness that had done this, and activated the Silver Crystal, but hesitated as she looked upon the person. The darkness was there within him, but there was also still the light. To drive out the dark, she would destroy also the light. She had done that once, and had promised the Earth never again.

Her people saw the Moon’s dilemma and stepped forward. "You are our love and light, and it is right and fitting that you not harm any but the dark. But we are once of Earth, and see the dark only as our enemy and yours. Give to us your power, and we will do what thou cannot, and drive out the dark that is within the light." The Moon bowed her head and accepted the necessity and gave to them of herself. In that moment, the Senshi were born. They turned to the person that had dark seed within, and confronted him with their lesser light. The darkness within him was battered back, but he laughed and opened himself wholly to its power and it grew ten-fold within him at that moment of acceptance. The Senshi fell back, not able to deal with the power of dark. "What can we do?" they cried.

A stirring came from the heavens and voices old and ancient spoke to the Moon people. "We have loved the life of Earth for eons upon eons. We have watched it grow and loved it. We have seen life of our own destroyed through this same darkness. We will not allow that to happen to our sibling. Take of us, our power, into yourselves, and the dark will not stand." The Senshi looked to the Moon and saw her acceptance of this solution, and they opened themselves up to the powers of the solar system. Being so far from the Earth, the planets and siblings of the Earth could only give themselves to one each of the Moon people, but it was enough. The dark was shattered, and the Moon was left to mourn for the light that was destroyed with it.

The people of the Moon assembled around their fallen brother and the Moon gathered him within her arms. "Bravest and gentlest of my people. Thou are gone, and I knew not what we missed until now." For their numbers felt incomplete without their brother. Then the deep rumble of the Earth that the Moon had not heard for many, many eons spoke to her and said, "My siblings have all given of themselves to help. I would also share, that we may be a family again and united in love." "But his spirit has fled, and there is not to share with anymore." The Sun joined them and spoke, "Not so. When his spirit left his body, and would have gone on, I foresaw this eventuality, and held him back. He is here, and ready to join you again if you will." The Moon called to the one among her people who had the gift of healing, and they repaired the body of their brother. The spirit returned to the shell, and the Moon people were whole once more.

Now the years once again went by. The Moon people spread themselves out among those of Earth, to guide and guard. Being once of Earth themselves, they knew each other in the manner of those they lived with, and new children were born who carried within them the light and love of the moon, but knew not the sponsorship of the solar system. Thus, the original Senshi became known by the names of their sponsors, and were held in honor by their own people. The people of the Earth saw the light and glory of the Moon people as more then themselves and honored them as well. Over time, the honor became more, and the people of the Moon assembled to discuss the difficulty. "We are their servants and guardians, here to protect them, but they worship us as they would gods. This is not right. What can we do?" While they thought upon the problem, the Moon people withdrew from the people of the Earth and lived not among them, but continued to watch them carefully.

One day, the Moon came among her people carrying a baby within her arms. The people were amazed and gathered around her to look upon the child. "Lady, whose is this child?" "The child is mine, and the child is me." The people were confused by this and looked to her for an explanation. "The time approaches when I must leave you, but I cannot leave you for I am a part of you. So when I leave, I shall still remain with you in the form of this child. She shall grow up among you, and be a part of you, and be a leader for you in the ways in which I cannot. Let her be a part of you, and not separate." "We shall, my Lady."

Soon after this event, darkness attacked the Earth in a new form. One of the Senshi, warned by her sponsor planet, knew of the dangers of this new attack, and disappeared from the ranks of the Moon people. The Moon goddess wept bitterly, for she knew it was partially through her actions that the route for this new attack had been opened. The people saw her weeping and asked about the fate of their sister. "Has she been killed? Shall we prepare to do battle?" "No, Pluto is alive and well. She has defeated the evil, but in doing so, she has exiled herself from us and can nevermore return to live among us, but must guard the Time Gate for all of eternity." "Never to return?" "The aspect that is Pluto has been absorbed by the Time Gate and cannot leave. The human part of her may only leave if another takes her place."

Time passed, and the young Moon Goddess grew in stature and wisdom. The people called her Serenity and loved their young Princess. But their problems with the Earth people grew more troublesome and finally reached the point where they could do no more good work among them. The people of Earth could tell they were different, and now that they no longer lived among them, the worship and regard they used to give the Moon people changed to suspicion and distrust. This was due in part to the dark forces at work, who had altered their tactics once again. The only persons excluded from this suspicion were those of the family of he whose sponsor was the Earth. "It is time," spoke the Moon Goddess, and gathered her people to her. "To protect and guide the people of Earth, we can no longer stay here among them. We must establish our own Kingdom and watch them from afar. Our brother and his family will stay here on Earth, and guard against the evils that come within. We will live on the Moon and provide guidance and protection from the evils without." The people regarded her with wonder. "The Moon is so far away. How will we live there?" "I am the Moon. The Moon will welcome my people and provide all you need to live." And she took out the Silver Crystal and used the focus within the crystal to join herself with her older self. With her powers, she transported her people to the Moon and provided them life. But once joined with her self, she could not return again as she was to the people. Her last material act was to give the Silver Crystal to her second self and bestow a portion of her eternal memory and power. Serenity became the new Queen of the Moon Kingdom and ruled with gentle wisdom and loving power, and her people watched over the Earth and shared their love and light.