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a Ranma 1/2 fanfic

Part Three: The Ebb of the Tide

by Larissa ^..^

"Skip the notes, get to the story!"


Pairings in this Story:


Part Three:

Ranma (m) and Akane, dating, no lemon



Ranma and Ryoga, lime, some lemon

Pairing Warning:

This story contains implications of changing pairings or a future triad. Whether any of that is going to happen or not isn't revealed until the very end. If you really don't want to read a story that is going to end like that, email me personally, and I'll let you know what happens.


Note: Each part is divided into chapters for web-use and download, but this story was not originally written with chapter divisions. I divided them into similar lengths, breaking at logical points, but please keep the wholeness of the story in mind when switching from one chapter to the next.



Part Three:
    "The Ebb of the Tide"


When I compare

What I have lost with what I have gained,

What I have missed with what attained,

Little room do I find for pride.


I am aware

How many days have been idly spent;

How like an arrow the good intent

Has fallen short or been turned aside.


But who shall dare

To measure loss and gain in this wise?

Defeat may be victory in disguise;

The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.


Longfellow, "Loss and Gain" from Ultima Thule, Part II

Part One: "Of Life and Love"

Part Two: "The Song of the Arrow"

 Part Three: "The Ebb of the Tide"








Chapter One




Chapter Two







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