a manga series by Shisinden (Mizuki Tachibana & Rinko Sakura)

Notes: Jane is a science fiction manga series by Shisinden (Mizuki Tachibana & Rinko Sakura). There is a certain resemblance to Star Trek in it… ;D Very well done, nice science, cool technology ideas, and gorgeous drawings.

Ran is the young dashing captain, human. Rassied is the proper cool first officer, an alien. (Jane is the starship they’re on – the Janet V.) Najeal and Linus are also Cynsians (the alien race) (and yes, they’re telepathic, though not obnoxiously so, and they have *really* long life spans - something like 300 years or so, I think.).



Choice:  Alphabet Fic - Rassied doesn’t want to make the choice.

Enough is Enough:  companion fic to Choice - Ran finally does something about Rassied.


Manga Scans!
40-50 KB each, mostly.



Two pics of Rassied. On the left is a cover which also show the time-honored tradition of chess. ;-) On the right is a nifty image I liked from him off a vid-screen.

Two pics of the Captain. On the left, standard uniform. On the right, the time-honored tradition of the Captain joining the strike force (the Armada) is maintained. ;-p

Color cover from volume 5 with Rassied and the Captain. Don’t you just adore the blue hair? ;-)

This is the bio page for the m/m couple in the ship. Both are very likable characters.
A couple of the officers talking, shows the type of interaction, very good people instincts the artists have, and also a good example of one of the humanoid aliens throughout the series.
A rather dramatic scene between Rassied and the Captain with lots of good pics of both of them and great interaction subtlies – I love great artists!
The doctor and the Captain talking. And talking…  ;-p  Several nice shots of both.  ;-)

“They’re flying through Einstein!”  <g>  One of the SciFi moments of the series that shows how seriously it’s into the science as well as the characters. 
. . 

I had to put these in…  ;-)  When I saw the first fish, I spent a few minutes trying to figure out if it was suppose to be an evolved betta or an evolved fancy goldfish.  The next page’s picture makes me think either goldfish or one of the tetra family.

{cough}  Nevermind…  ;-)

An interesting spread with nice pics of both the Captain and Rassied. What I really liked about it (besides the pic of Rassied) was the nifty representation of a retina eye-scan for identification verification. Such a great visual of a high-tech feature.
Linus, fighting squad (Armada) chief, and looks good in other areas as well.  ;-)
A spread that I thought also demonstrated the space and Science Fiction theme of the series.  Plus gives a glimpse of some of the other characters.