Things to be Changed from Original Storyline

- DII Implants: Genetically coded, 10 rainbow colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, turquoise, lavender, pink, sandlewood-beige). People cannot have children with their own, or the next most similar color, expanded by primaries. To Detail: Blue cannot 'mate' with blue. Red cannot 'mate' with red. Yellow cannot 'mate' with yellow. Orange, no o or beige. Green, no g or turquoise. Purple, no p or lavender. Turquoise, no t or blue or green. Lavender, no l, pink, or purple. Pink, no p, lavender, or red. Sandlewood-beige, no s-b, yellow, or orange. The three primary colors are the rarest, then the three main subsideraries, and the last four most common.

Makes things from the original storyline both more complex and simplified at the same time. More complex because now relationships will have to be reworked and most of the original main characters will need new/different implant colors. Also, aside from social ingraining, it will be harder to keep people from wandering into 'forbidden' colors (but social integraining is a powerful influence for as long as Rec memories last). Simplier because it makes more sense and opens up normal human relationships without compromising diversity or creating inbreeding problems (as the original premise did).

As a result, several points in both the original and the other stories will need to be changed. Mostly minor at this point. But I'll probably dump 'Locked' altogether (now that I've almost got it done...) (but you can keep the character references and details that I was working out, such as the ICS monitoring system, the background with Wes, the effects of a 'Lock', the internal ICS wrangling, the deployment of the Skeeters with the Sector divisions, etc.). 'Catfight' was already pretty much dumped with the idea that everybody likes Helen, but this kindof puts the final touches to killing it.

I was thinking about this set-up for color changes:

- Valdoon: turquoise

- S. Helding: sandlewood

- H. Helding: green

- Ben H.: ? (I still don't think he should have one if they don't know if he'll go Rec or not.)

- Connie S.: red

- Andy S.: lavender

- Ty S.: pink

- The Craig Series: lavender

- Jacine: green

- Jonathan: purple

- Miranda: blue

- Mr. Mendi: sandlewood

- Island City: Is only one of several cities left in the world, not "the last bastion of humanity". It's main attraction is the Energy Shields that keep out O-Storms and Recessives. But it's also not the only city to have Energy Shields -- most of the world's major cities have them, and there are a few others in the US, but not many. IC lies on the pathway of the most frequent O-Storms that North America has, but it converts and uses the energy instead of being destroyed. Most other towns that exist without Energy Shields, "frontier" towns, are more off the beaten track of both Recs and O-Storms, and when O-Storms do come by, it's the equivilant damage of typhoons. Placement of IC is in the mid-east US. Somewhere like West Virginia.

- Michael's Extra-ordinary Senses: Eliminate the 'Rec Sense' altogether. His other senses, touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing, are double normal human senses, not Supermanish. He can hear things at a longer distance range, and more extended upper frequency range (but not as low), but he can't do things like hear heartbeats. And I think we need to decrease Michael's pain levels. It's ridiculus for him to have such pain levels as they describe (500 'percent') and still be able to function normally on a daily basis. A bit of pain for sympathy’s sake, but not that high. It's not necessary for Michael to have all the characteristics of Recessesives -- a mix-match would be a more logical result from being a half-breed, some equal, some lesser, some greater, but not all the same. Looks and senses are probably the best to keep equal. Decrease the pain, use the enormous pain levels as the reason for full Recessives being so mean and nasty. Energy levels can be more than either human or Rec.

- Gates: Not as common or as casual as the movie seemed to imply. RCF has free use while on duty, and medical emergencies are free, but all other Gate use must be paid for by the person using it. (Sam could have been using it to impress her sister.)

- RCF Technology: Redesign those vans and the equipment carried in them, especially the medical and refugee set-ups. And get some softer gurneys. Find out what the 'old Pentagon ExSat' Satilite Scanners were and how they work. Call 'tranks', 'stunners'. The eye-cams are not only recording chips and relays to a main point, but also general diagnostic readings on the personnel. And the person monitoring the eye-cams has a much more active role in deployment and strategy than we saw.

- Medical Procedures: Minor wounded do not get sent in with major wounded refugees. Diagnostic Scanning for foreign organisisms and general wounds takes place immediately upon arrival back in the city in a seperate decontamination center. If the doctor with the HL unit must attend wounded immediately, another doctor/technician does the diac scans.

- Vaccinations: 48 hours??? Let's rethink this one into something more reasonable. Always changing, maybe, as new plagues and viruses emerge. And then it would be applicable to anyone who had been in Island City for more than a year. People sent out into the Wastelands, besides the general, long-term vaccinations, get pumped-up antibiotics that are only contained within the body for 48 hours and encapsulated antibotics/vaccines for emergency kits (and Wasteland drills / long searches) that last for 24 hours. Andy Seale could have lost his emergency kit and they found with the eye-cam set (and when he activated it for the strong signal and it blew up in his hand, it obliterated most data on it, including the bit about the girls with him -- the bit we saw was what 23 pieced together from the remaining data) (hey, I like that idea!).