O-Storm Formation and Origins

Definitions and Terms:

Ozonosphere: atmospheric layer at heights of approximately 20-30 miles (32-48 kilometers) characterized by high ozone content.

Ozone: a triatomic form of oxygen that is a bluish irritating gas of pungent odor, is formed naturally in the upper atmosphere by a photochemical reaction with solar ultraviolet radiation or generated commercially by a silent electric discharge in ordinary oxygen or air, is a major agent in the formation of smog, and is used esp. in disinfection and deodorization and in oxidation and bleaching.



When the meteor(s) crashed, the gases, chemicals, force, kinetic energy, smashing of icecaps, etc, combined to (among other things) rebuild the thinning Ozone Layer.

The enormous amounts of kinetic energy smashing the icecaps, instead of melting them into water, was of sufficient force to break the majority of molecular bonds in the ice, releasing a great deal of Hydrogen and Oxygen into the atmosphere. (And reduced the water level as a by-product.)

The dust, ash, steam, and other "fallouts" of the various meteor crashes assembled in the atmosphere, concentrating at the Ozonosphere. (Creating lots of dim light, little ultraviolet radiation coming through, and a general effect of a Global Warming, but not as disastrous as current scientists predict.) (The Warming effect would melt some of the remaining ice caps and free floating ice bergs, and raise the water level back up, to a certain level.)

The kinetic energy that was not discharged in other ways (heat, light, etc), free-floated in the atmosphere as electricity. It was attracted to, and collecting in, the water-charged clouds that were forming as a result of the amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the air (and the normal processes of weather). When these clouds discharged their water in the usual forms (rain, etc), enormous electrical discharges were also produced, of the general form of "thunder storms," but of a much more intense nature, and the free floating electricity concentration was much greater. These storms came to be called "O-Storms" after the point in the atmospheric levels in which they originate from, and to differentiate them from what used to be a "normal" storm. As the water poured back onto the land, it became more frequent for O-Storms to occur with no or little water discharge accompanying the electricity.

The amounts of electricity in the air initially interfered with all products relying on electrical conduits or broadcasts. This was the majority of current "tech". Communications relying on satellite relays and/or above ground wires were dysfunctional. All aircraft were grounded. Etc. After the electricity started concentrating in the O-Storms, normal ground communication and "tech" started working again, except in areas directly being effected by an O-Storm. But all aircraft were still non-functional because of the attraction electricity has for metal. (ie, lightning strikes the unwary.)