Genetically engineered adopted daughter of Professor and Dr. Valdoon; the man who invented the Youth Drug and his physician wife. Tamlynn was an early experiment in the drug, the only embryo to survive the tampering. She couldn't decide whether to become a geneticist like her 'father' or a doctor like her 'mother', so she did both. Attended the Hawking Institute (for gifted children) in the same class as 23, where they became friends. They lost touch eventually and haven't seen each other in decades at the time of 'First Encounters'. When the Valdoons' biological son, Tom, was 17 or 18, Dr. Valdoon (Mrs.) died of an incurable disease. Tom handles it badly, blows up at his dad and runs off to join what will later become the RCF. Tamlynn stays and goes through med school. Tamlynn was briefly engaged to Tom Valdoon, but when he learned she was sterile, he dumped her. She both loves and hates him, therefore. She's both a research scientist, interested especially in half-Recs (which are rare!) and a practicing physician, working as a kind of on-call emergency doctor for the RCF and HL-1 in particular. She lives in a Southern-style mansion inherited from her adoptive parents when the Professor Valdoon disappeared after the YD turned into such a fiasco. (He's presumed dead.) The house also has a large greenhouse, the care of which fell by the wayside when Mrs. Valdoon died. Rhin and Tes take it over when they arrive. She met Rhin and Azami when they first came to Island City and were going through the refugee procedure; physicals and DIIs and such. Azami was pitching a fit because some official was telling her she couldn't keep the 4000 book she'd brought -- most of which were her grandmother's -- because there's no place to put them, except in a public library, and how come they're not all on computer anyway... Tamlynn has this big house, so she intervenes and volunteers her place to put all the books in. Thus begins the Trio. Much later, Tam meets Jacine through the InterNet when she needs help designing a new medical VR unit in order to find the cure for a particularly nasty plague (which Rhin has, and, it turns out, even affected Michael Mendi).


The Shea Clan is a group of related families in several large householdings in a rural part of what was western Oregon. Paternity is not a critical issue and Rhin grew up with lots of 'aunts', 'uncles', grandparents, 'moms', 'dads', siblings and 'cousins'. The Clan's wealth is largely in property and human resources, and because of their rural lifestyle, most of the Clan survived the meteor strike pretty well. The Clan also took in others in the community, as much as they could, including annexing the Azamis' land and family. The Clan holdings are now a part of a walled, fortified 'frontier town'; one of the unshielded towns in the Wasteland. Rhin and Tethys--Tes--met in kindergarten or so, and became inseparable; not meteors nor Recs came between them. Tethys was teased a lot as a kid about her odd name, so Rhin, her self-appointed protector, shortened it to Tes. Rhin is an acrobat and singer, tactics and martial arts expert, and no-one misjudges her by her size twice. Rhin is rendered sterile by a hysterectomy made necessary by a kind of cancer that a treatment was found for several months too late. Growing up surrounded by children of all ages, it broke Rhin's heart not to be able to have any of her own. [A lot of this multiple-talented people stuff is because we have people who have long lifetimes while maintaining a young body to work with. A lot of people would change jobs to suit their whims and curiosities, knowing that taking ten years to learn a craft isn't such a big chunk out of their lives, so they're willing to do that. And with the perpetually regenerating body, the physical skills can get pretty extensive.]


Michael's younger half-sister. A mechanical genius with a sometimes troublesome eidetic memory. When she was eight or so, living in caves out in the Wasteland with her mother, Michael, and some friends of her mother's, Jacine fell off a cliff (she was being chased by Recs) and landed near the ground in some brush. It took some time for rescuers to find her, due to trouble with the Recs, and by that time, coyotes had found her and were in the process of eating her; they got a big chunk out of her left leg and scarred up her body pretty well, but her arms and head were largely untouched. Jacine was rushed to Island City for medical treatment, and Michael, 9 or 10, insisted on going with his sister. It was decided the children could stay in the City under the guardianship of Kei and Carlos, with Ken Mendi, Jacine and Jonathan's father, visiting as his schedule permitted. Jacine is left lame after her ordeal, and later invents a servo boot that supports the leg and helps her walk somewhat normally. She and Michael are incredibly close and protective of each other, growing even closer in response to the miserable treatment they get from the other children and some adults at the City schools. Later, Jacine becomes a freelance engineer/inventor and moves out to one of the relatively close frontier towns, preferring the open air to the shielded life in the City. She dislikes and distrusts the RCF/Military, and authority in general. She also doesn't much like the DII system, not being particularly thrilled with any such labeling system, preferring to take people as they are, rather than by any label or stereotype.


Tes is the youngest of five, the other four all boys. Her racial heritage is largely Japanese, but the family has been in America for two hundred years or so, so there's all kinds of stuff in the mix, including Maori, which explains why they're all so tall... The eldest two boys are identical twins, Ethan and Eric; then the middle boy, James; then Arcas and Tethys, fraternal twins. Something went slightly awry in utero; Arcas' placenta touched Tethys' and she was hormonally masculinized. Uterus and ovarian tubes never developed, becoming ligaments instead, though the ovaries did manage to become more or less ovaries. There is a sort of cervix, and she's female enough from there down, but some reconstructive sugery was necessary when she was born to make her externals look more female. She also underwent some hormone therapy to go through a normal puberty. She's broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, unusually muscular and obviously incapable of bearing children. After taking the Youth Drug, James and Arcas went Rec, but Ethan, Eric and Tethys remained normal. Their parents did not take the drug and died of old age around the time Tethys was in the RCF Academy. Since it is common policy for most frontier towns, especially in the beginning, when no-one really knew what had happened, to shoot Recs on sight; so Tes assumes her two Rec brothers are dead. When she and Rhin came to IC, several of Rhin's 'cousins' came too, and one, Billy-Bear, also joined the RCF when Tes and Rhin did. Tes' first jobs in IC were in the Hydroponics sections, and she taught at a jujitsu dojo. Tes and Billy-Bear were married in their own private way, though the law of the City forbids those who are sterile from doing so; why waste marriage on someone who can't reproduce? Tes (usually called 'Azami' by her fellow RCF personnel) begins her RCF career in the Corps of Engineers, or whatever the equivalent is called, in Demolitions. She continues to maintian her expertise in that field even after transferring to Haz Lib. Since both parents were martial arts sensei, Tes and all her brothers aquired multiple black belts, and she and Rhin got into the habit of 'collecting' them in whatever art anyone would teach them. At the moment, Tes is ahead by one... Tes likes to draw and paint, though not kprofessionalyy, and is also a dancer, and often puts together acrobatic routines with Rhin, since Tes' strength is a good compliment to Rhin's flexibility.


A remarkable woman. I picture her as looking and sounding much like Diana Muldaur. She is part of a rescue team in what will become the RCF when she's separated from her team and lost in the Wastelands. She is captured by Recs and raped by the dominant male. She escapes and finds help, her sight failing from her injuries. She gives birth to Michael in the Wastelands and makes it back to the City shortly thereafter. But authorities there want to take Michael away, so she and four friends, Kei and Carlos, Mirabel and Ricahrd, with help from General Mede, escape and set up their own home in an extensive set of caves, far enough from the City to avoid detection from the rescue teams. When Miranda was brought back to the City shortly after Michael's birth, she had a brief, joyous reunion with her older son, and her husband, Ken; thus Jacine was conceived. When Jacine is injured, Miranda, Richard and Mirabel stay in the caves for various reasons, mostly involving the sentient AI's created by Miranda's mother, Shelly, decades before, that certain agents would like to get their hands on. Ken and Jonathan Mendi (and everyone else besides Jacine, Michael, General Mede, Kei, Carlos, Mirabel and Richard; then later, 23 and the Trio) believe Miranda is dead, and that helps fuel Jonathan's hatred of Michael.


I think, besides being Jacine and Jonathan's father and Miranda's husband, he's some kind of conservationist. He does a lot of travelling, trying to keep whatever animal species are left alive. He has a deep hatred of the High Council and the Military/RCF (even though the RCF is only organizationally military; war is kind of difficult under these circumstances, with electronic communications of various kinds linking the masses on a personal level, no matter where they are in the world, plus the population is a quantum leap lower! Etc.) And he's sort of passed these attitudes on to Jacine in particular. He never quite comes to terms with his wife's rape, or her supposed death.


The older brother of Michael and Jacine, he hates Michael for 'taking his mother away from him', and because he represents what was done to his mother. He dearly loves Jacine, though, and was delighted to have a little sister. (The dynamics of this family are kind of interesting...) He has a wife, and some time after 'First Encounters' we find out she has a bun in the oven, so Jacine and Michael will have a niece or nephew. The wife likes Michael fairly well, despite her husband's feelings. He is a successful businessman and handles a lot of the business end of Jacine's inventions.


A half-Rec, but unlike Michael, raised in a Rec pack. When he's brought to IC by an RCF team, he's placed in the same school as Jacine and Michael, with the idea that the two half-Recs will befriend each other. Wes is older than Michael by about five years, but as the children grow up, and the hormones start to flow, Jacine and Wes start finding each other interesting. Eventually they get engaged; their plan being to either escape out into the caves, or Jacine was considering undergoing surgery to be rendered sterile. But a year and seven months after their engagement, Wes starts to lose cognition. Seven months after that, afraid that he will turn violent, having lost the music that meant so much to him, and seeing how much his deteriorating condition is hurting Jacine and Michael, he suicides. Michael for years carries the fear that the same will happen to him someday.


The four friends who help Miranda with Michael and Jacine and the AIs, out in the caves and in the City. Of various backgrounds and talents. Kei and Carlos are the legal guardians of MIchael and Jacine until they're 18, in the City, at which time, Kei and Carlos return to the caves.


One of 23's 'brothers'; a musical genius. Deceased. (The name is supposed to be 'Gregg', but we couldn't tell for a while, so we latched onto 'Craig' and it's stuck, even when we made out a screen in the van that said it was 'Gregg-23'. Oh well.) This Craig changed his name and had at least one living child, a daughter, also musically inclined.


Number one problem is that name: Mayday! In the end credits it's spelled Meyday, but we still thought it was too James Bond- ish, so we pronounce it the same and just spell it Mede, with accents over both 'e's. She had Michael Mendi in her personal staff for a while; she's a friend of the Mendi family and helped them with some of their difficulties in getting Michael into and out of Island City. She's a trusted link to higher authorities.


She was only really good in one scene; when she was shooing Mendi into the diac machine, and 23 and Mendi out of the Infirmary. So we try to make her character like that more often, though we seem to have Tam in there more than Helding. There's some debate as to whether Sam really does cat around on Ben, unresolved as yet.


She's a fun character as she is, so all we did was give her a profession; phsychologist/teacher. She becomes friends with Jacine, first through the InterNet, then in person, then later becomes a friend of the whole group. She never does catch 23! :-) She wants to like Michael for Jacine's sake, but he simply gives her the creeps; reaction of being in the Wastelands for 32 years, trying to avoid getting killed or worse by Recs, killing them herself when she can. Her attitude is probably common among the refugees, though the lifelong City dwellers can afford a more lenient attitude since they aren't under direct threat themselves; thus the FRE: The First Rule of Engagement, that Recs are not to be killed unless absolutely necessary to save normal human life.


She was an awful bitch through most of the movie, so we're going to tone this down. She can't be one of the best friends of someone like 23 and be a complete wench! So, she was under awful stress, wasn't herself, and she was used to teasing Tom about women, it just came out snippier than she meant it to. Also, we assume both she and her husband transfer out of HL-1 after the events of the movie. Connie goes back to Admin and Andy finds something less hazardous to do. Later, when Ty is 18, he enters the RCF Academy.


They never give Ben's last name, but it can't be Helding, because that's Helen's last name, too, so Dr. Helding must have kept her maiden name. We figured the reason he was so snappish was only partly jealousy over Tom, and in general for not having taken the YD; he also hates it that Sam just lets him treat her like that; she coddles him and it drives him nuts. He sounded too much like he was trying to convince himself that he'd made the right choice, and we may have him take the modified YD later. In the meantime, Helen gets him involved with a group who are providing children with the chance to interact with older people as grandparent figures; reading stories, etc. Once he gets into that, he becomes a lot less testy and he quits throwing Sam out.