Due South Fanfiction

Based primarily on characters from Seasons 1 and 2

These are based on the television series 'Due South' that aired from 1994-1998.
Information about 'Due South' can be found at William and Elyse's Due South Page.

As usual with my stuff, the stories make a lot more sense if you've seen the show first.
Fair warning :)

As They Say
snippet, humor, slash

A Better Life
short, drama, gen

snippet, gen

The Perfect Setting
short, slash

Promises and Pizza
short, slash, AU

Detective Armani: The Thousandth Man
Section One revised 9/18/01 (story in progress)
long, gen, angst

More to come!

DS Episode Writer/Director Guide
From information in W&E's DS page

The Guide in Word document for downloading and personal sorting.
One thing that's fun to do is to add a column in, mark out your favorite episodes (top ten or so), and then sort by the favorites and see if there's a significance to your favorites with any particular writer or director in the series. :) (Mine came out showing a clear preference for Paul Haggis episodes.)

Last Updated: 07/26/03