Title: Higher Knowledge
Author: Alatri ^..^ alatri@att.net
Fandom: Devil & Devil, manga
Type: humor, snipped
Complete/Updated: January 13, 2003
Warnings: strong language
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Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. ;-) Rights to Devil & Devil characters belong to the writer and publishers in Japan. This story was written for free entertainment purposes only and may not be reproduced for profit or altered without permission.

Set very close to the early part of the manga series.

Characters: Sword (devil), Ios (angel), Souma (human that Sword is in), Kanna (human that Ios is in)

Higher Knowledge

“Ios!” Sword barged into the angel’s room.  As he saw the angel sitting at the desk poring over a textbook and writing things on a notepad next to him, he redirected his focus in curiosity.  “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Studying.” Without looking up, Ios cheerfully replied, though to one who knew him there was a slight undertone of irritation as well.  “Don’t you have some of your own?”

That’s what I thought he was doing...  Ignoring Ios’ question, Sword persisted in his own. “Why in the Hells of Bloody Heads do you need to study human stuff?”  He shook his head, “You’re a fucking angel!!”

Ios raised his head to look at Sword.  “Yes, I’m an angel.  In a human body at the moment.  Going to a human high school.  Like the human did before me.”  Wearily, he brushed his hair back with the hand that held the pen.

“You just got ink on your hair.” Sword grinned.  Watching a frustrated Ios was cheering him up immensely.

Ios growled and tightened his grip, breaking the pen in two.  He stared at it in dismay.

“Now there’s ink all over your hand.”

<Oh shut up,> Ios projected without much heat.  “What did you want?”

“I forgot.” Sword moved inside and shut the door.  This was much more fun than pacing his room.  “Why are you doing that gibberish?”

“Because I got 40% on that stupid History test, barely passed the oral foreign language, and flunked the damn sports performance.”  Ios sighed and brushed his hair back again.

Sword laughed at the sight of the flustered angel smearing ink all over himself.  “You?  Failing?  Now that’s damn funny!”

“My teachers complimented me for a dramatic increase in ability,” Ios said mournfully.  “Except for the sports teacher.  He sent me to the nurse’s office.”

It was quite a contrast to the way Sword’s teachers had been alternately crying and pleading and berating and yelling at him for the last several days.  The human Souma had apparently been one of their top students.  Sword grimaced and again wished that he’d ended up with Kanna’s body instead of Souma’s.  To hear the angel complaining was a riot compared with what Sword had been stuck with.  “Pathetic whining shithead.”

“If you’re looking for a fight, Sword, I don’t have time.”  Ios gestured at the books.  “I’ve got to finish this before tomorrow’s class.”

Rolling his eyes, Sword sat down on the bed and crossed his legs.  “So how the hell did you get such fucking low scores?”  Sword ticked the points off, unfolding a finger for each.  “With your fucking angelic “higher knowledge,” history is a shoo-in, and you speak every human language perfectly.”  He evaluated the human body, focusing his sight to see more of the body than the angel presence.  “You’re the one who got the damn human who works out, so there shouldn’t be any problem with the sports.  If I can do them in this miserable wimpy body, you can do them in that one.”  He held out his hand with the first three fingers up.

Stretching out in the chair, Ios turned to face Sword.  “I don’t know the rules,” he said simply.


Reaching out, Ios folded one of Sword’s fingers down as he unticked the point.  “I’ve never played a human sport – rules for ‘volleyball’ aren’t included in angelic higher knowledge.”  Ios moved to the next finger.  “I speak the language perfectly.  The teachers don’t.”  He grimaced, “According to them, my pronunciation is atrocious and my grammar is barely passable.”  The last one, the index finger, Ios folded half-way.  “The humans only know history by what was written.”  He paused a moment before continuing, “Actually, I’m pretty sure they’ve been rewritten to cast this nation in a better light.  It’s not very accurate.”  Letting Sword have his hand back, Ios sighed.  “So I have to ‘study’ to find out what they want me to know, not what I really know.”

Sword fell back on the bed laughing.

End :)