Title: F'king Angel, Devil & Devil Alphabet Story
Author: Alatri ^..^ alatri@att.net
Complete/Updated: May 6, 2005
Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. ;-) This story was written for free entertainment purposes only and may not be reproduced for profit or altered without permission.


F'king Angel

Angels were a pain. Bastards, all of them. Crummy little snot-nosed stuck-up obnoxious self-righteous bastards. Damn them all. Especially angels with long blonde hair and laughing eyes. Fuck them. /Gladly.../

How did that thought sneak in? It was all because of the damn angel.

Just because Sword was stuck in this stupid weak human body and couldn't kill or rampage or do anything else he wanted to - it was an impossible situation. Killing him with kindness, was what Ios was doing. Laughing at him when Sword tried to be a devil in a human world, and concern for *Sword* as much as for the humans Sword despised. Mainly, though, what Sword hated was the bright blue eyes and golden silky hair, the angel overlaying the human form. Never a human, yet stuck here in this human world. Oh, to be able to kill again freely! Particularly that stupid idiot angel… Quitting was not something that Sword did, and they had never finished their hundred and first battle. Really, it shouldn't be that hard to defeat the angel – even if he did get the stronger human body.

Still, though, while they were in this human world with devils attacking them, and even angels too… The threat was greater from the others. Unless Ios really did kill him with his stupid "concern" and "worry" and "caring". Victory by default. What a way to go – death by kindness; the most humiliating thing for a devil.

Xaphan, once an angel himself, had wanted to set the heavens on fire before he went down to hell. Yet Sword feared that the only fires being set here were being done to him by an angel that didn't even know what he was doing. Zealously being "nice"---yeah, that angel was very likely to get himself fucked soon.