Alphabet Drabbles

An exercise in getting myself back into writing by making short stories in different series with each sentence beginning with a letter of the alphabet, in order. 


Jane -  Choice
Rassied doesn’t want to make the choice.

Doctor Who -  Progression
The Doctor thinks about life, loneliness, and companions. Set 9th Doctor, pre-Rose episode.

Twin Signal -  Reflections & Surprises
Signal reflects while Code flies.

Devil & Devil -  F'king Angel
Sword is really irritated at Ios.  As usual.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho -  Snow Fun
Just a bit of fun when they should be studying.

StarGate Atlantis -  The Name Game
Some people like Ford's naming things. :)

Ranma 1/2 -  Another Day
It's just another day in Nermia.  Surprise pairing.


Last Updated: 11/1/06